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Hello! I'm Catarina and I'm from Portugal.
I sold my soul to Inazuma Eleven and more that destroy my soul. Bye Bye (。’▽’。)♡


Tutorial: Hands while kissing - by Auroracarina-Chan on DeviantArt

Since the tutorial is marked as “mature”, you cannot use the share-function to post it all on tumblr (srsly, I understand why ppl don’t wanna mark their work as mature… it limit your work to be seen a bit too much in some cases).

The reason why this tutorial is marked as mature is… I THINK it’s because you see some nipples, but it’s a ridiculous reason to make it unable to post on tumblr (dA has a share function where you can post art from dA with proper source and everything.)

Anyway, I took some screenshots from the tutorial, so you guys can see it without having to be a member on dA.

And here’s a screenshot that couldn’t get into the photoset:

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