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hey, i’d just like you to know if you’re an american on tumblr today that these messages I’ve recieved in the past 2 hours and the ones i am STILL getting from both anons and non-anons (ive not posted/removed the names from the non-anon ones to avoid these people getting unnecessary hate) are fucking horrible and

no amount of holiday ‘freedom’ or whatever is an excuse to be racist and wish death upon non-american people, especially british people like me.

ok? like sure post all the eagles/flags/hetalia/captain america an d shit you want but dont attack non-american people who aren’t celebrating your holiday jesus christ is that too much to ask

PSA: SOME PEOPLE AREN’T AMERICAN. GET OVER IT. This is frankly disgusting and people need to fucking grow up and learn that telling people to get killed/murdered and RAPED is fucking DISGUSTING and no way to go about “celebrating” anything! You should be celebrating the fact that you’ve been given independence, not having a go at us because we sent settlers over there in the first place and then GAVE THEM INDEPENDENCE. Fucking heck! If you think that celebrating your American heritage is telling somebody to get RAPED AND KILLED then you seriously need to sort your own life out.

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    NONONONONONONONO I may be American but this is not RIGHT at all not one bit this site is for EVERYONE to enjoy and...
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    Oh my gosh. What the heck people? And your all saying British people are racist? Take a damn good look at what your...
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    "Get off the AMERICAN internet" Um, excuse me? Alan Turing (father of modern computing) and Sir Tim Berners-Lee...
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    Patriotism is a dangerous thing when out of hand.
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    O.o I hope I never meet people like this in my life, it just seems so pointless and extremely cruel. You think we would...
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    WTH?! Really? In 2012?? O__ô;;
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    Reading this, I am actually terrified for my life. I mean, I have a joke with my family and friends about Americans...
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    British accents, but no one deserves this just because they live in a certain country.
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    Okay, just putting it out there - I’m American, and I’m disgusted by this. Bring these fucktards to my face. Really, do...
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    I’ll celebrate the day America gets its face shoved into another country’s butt and they get forced to live with...
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    I’m. Absolutely enraged at this. People like this make me realize why so many people in so many countries despise what...
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