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Clare (クレア)  No. 47


making my way downtown

- What’s the meaning of this, Teresa?

- Nothing deep. The reason is extremely simple and easy to understand. I found a reason to live on. For now on, I’m going to live for her.


Rubel: Do you want Priscilla's head? Give it up. 
You can't beat her, whatever you do. 


Rest in me & I’ll comfort you;
I lived & I died for you.


One of the greatest/saddest/most frustrating moments in anime.


Grupo de Porto Alegre - RS *-*



Clare: "But it does hurt you, Teresa. I know it does because I can 
see it on your face all the time. Even when you're smiling, I can
see it's still hurting you inside.
Your eyes. They look just like my eyes do! Like you're scared and
alone and you hurt so much, you can't stand it, but you don't want
anyone to know it. I know, that was why.."
Teresa (in her head): So I was the one she was comforting that day. She didn't cling to me because I saved her from that Yoma, but 
because she knew we shared the same kind of pain. Everything
she had was taken away from her and she could sense that I had
suffered the same way. She could feel our kinship, even when I
couldn't. She comforted me in a way no one in the village
would do to her. She gave me what she wanted so badly for herself.
Understanding and unconditional love. The same love that Clare has
never known for herself.
I kicked this tiny girl over and over, when all she wanted was to be held.
She taught me something I thought I'd never learn. That even silver eyes like these, can still shed tears.


Favorite Claymore Characters

#1 Teresa| Teresa of the Faint Smile

“You can come after me as many times as you want. I’ll cut you down every time.”


Favorite Claymore Characters

#2 Miria| Phantom Miria

“They turn us into these creatures then dispose of us as if we were garbage. That was the last straw, I couldn’t go along with it anymore.”